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We love hearing your stories. You inspire us and are a huge part of our lives. 

By Lisa Bennett at Tuesday 28 February 2012

Driving down this past weekend to hear and visit with you at the women's conference was wonderful, and worth the trip. Thanks so much for sharing your talents, and for your friendship! You are amazing women.

By Ashley at Sunday 26 February 2012

I had the pleasure ofattending the Relief Society Womans Conference yesterday (2/25/2012). I went to that meeting thinking I was only there for the lunch. I have been struggling with my testimony for the past year or so. But after listening to you bear your testimonies in song and in your talks I found my self wanting more. One of you told a story of a sister who was asked why she stayed active in the church. That got me questioning my self why I still went to church and I really pondered the question and got some really good answers. Thank you for helping me become inspired to strengthened my faltering testimony. You three have beautiful voices and beautiful personalities.

By Carol Thacker at Saturday 25 February 2012

I had the pleasure of attending a women's conference today (2/25/2012)at which you performed. Your music is not only inspiring and uplifting but so very appropriate for the women of the Church and of the world. I came away from the program with a new resolve to "keep doing what I'm doing". Thank you for sharing your divine talents.

By Miss Marie at Wednesday 17 August 2011

thanxz for education week 2011 i n need thne music on wednesday i also bought the cd ARISE my fVORITE SONG is Heal MySoul helps this abuse survivor know i am not the only one out their. also that healing is sso possiable and i can be whole again one day.
thanxz again

By Toni L. Mendive at Tuesday 07 December 2010

I appreciate so much your coming to Elko, NV and performing for us. I'm also thankful that God has given you such wonderful singing and writing voices. I was very touched by your original songs. I hope there will be occasions for you to return!

By Natalie Millar at Monday 04 October 2010

Your music was the perfect end to a General Conference Weekend. I will take the Prophet's message of gratitude and extend it to your group. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.

By Lola hamilton at Monday 09 August 2010

Hey, Can the three of you even get any better? Maybe, but BYU-I Education Week was superb. Your concert was simply AMAZING. I enjoyed every minute spent with you. Your new CD, ARISE is totally awesome. You have so many fans who adore who are and what you stand for. Count me as close to number 1 as a fan as you can. I will try to stand tall in that space! Love you

By Vicky Luper at Tuesday 13 July 2010

Ladies, I ordered your new CD, Arise and I have to tell you that it, like all the others, has touched my heart and my life. You are truly blessed with such an awesome talent and I feel uplifted every time I listen to your music. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

By Kerry Parker at Friday 09 July 2010

Heartbound has been a part of my life for 20 years now. Your music has helped me get through some very difficult times in life but I have made it! Now as others with similar problems come to me I sometimes use your music as a sort of friendly advice to them. Not only is your music inspirational, it also has a very deep and soul centered meaning. I am just so thankful to have such friends as the three of you in my life.

Good luck and much success as you all continue down the path of helping others. You will never really know how many lives you have blessed but I?m sure it is many!

By Lola Hamilton at Thursday 10 June 2010

Wow, you ladies are really going modern with a new BLOG. Just went to that site to check it out. Was going to leave a comment there, but it is too modern for this pea sized brain of mine! So came here. I know how to leave comments here.....thank you for coming to Salmon, Idaho for a program. Only took us two years to get you here. Lets see, what do you have available in the next decade? (just kidding). It was such a good program. Have heard nothing but good comments about it. They loved you, as I knew they would. Thank you for spending the night at my home and getting to meet my great grandsons. They loved you too. Thanks for all you do. Your example is amazing. I try to follow your example in loving and caring for people. You are my heroines. Thanks again for everything! Love you

By vedamae leifeste at Saturday 29 May 2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful program you put on may 19,2010 in salmon Idaho I really enjoyed the music very much and felt as if we had been friends all are lives, so we must have been friends in the before life on earth .
my daughter would have enjoyed the music also I wish she could have attended .Hope to see you again maybe you will come to salmon again I hope so. thanks again your friend vedamae leifeste.

By Lola Hamilton at Wednesday 31 March 2010

I am so in love with Heartbound. What they do as a trio is amazing. They have soothed and lifted me, adding peace to my life. I have been to several of their programs, as well as most of their classes at BYU-I Education Week. The things they sing about touch our everyday lives. Their stories and talks have touched me deeply. Can't wait to see them again.

By PamVolk at Tuesday 30 March 2010

Thank-you so much for coming to Hooper tonight. Your music and testimonies truly touched my heart. As the mother of one missionary and one "hard child", I so appreciated your words and songs.

By Sydni Cline at Friday 12 March 2010

Thank you so much for coming to Kaysville last night! My daughter and I were very moved by your music and testimonies. Our tears were flowing fast and furiously. Coming from a Mom of "hard ones" I was very touched by your comments regarding being a Parent that has been trusted with a hard child (or two). I'm so glad I came and brought my daughter, I almost didn't come, "someone" was trying very hard to discourage me from coming.

By Eileen Sawyer at Thursday 25 February 2010

Thank you so very much for coming to the Pleasant Valley Stake this evening. You are each so very special and you brought such an amazing spirit to the meeting. You really helped strengthen our Testimonies and helped us to feel of your sweet spirits. You are each so talented and it was a pleasure to be in you presence. Thank you!!!

By Janette McNee at Thursday 11 February 2010

I love your all your songs. Each one of you have written a song that I really love. Thanks for all the up lifting music. It makes me smile, and cry. Thanks for being friends.

By Dayna B. at Monday 08 February 2010

Thank you for coming to the Cypress Texas Stake Women's Conference this weekend. It was truely a blessing to have you here. Very uplifting and heartfelt weekend. I also attended the Youth Fireside last night with my 14 yr old daughter and we enjoyed it very much. The spirit in both meetings was just incredible.

By Jodi at Monday 08 February 2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful messages you shared with the saints of the Cypress Texas Stake this past week end. Women's Conference was excellent and the Youth Fireside was superb - such a beautiful sight to see so many youth stand and sing "Arise". We have truly been blessed to have you travel all the way to Texas to touch our lives. Thank you.

By Elizabeth at Sunday 07 February 2010

Thank you all so much, we loved it and loved have you in our Ward. I know yall had a awesome time with Sis Black, She is a truely wonderful person, I love her so much. Be safe and take care, hope to see yall again soon.

By Nancy P. at Sunday 07 February 2010

Your program was truly inspirational at the Katy Texas Women's Conference on Feb. 6, 2010. Enjoyed your songs and talks. Keep up the great work!

By Susie Smith at Saturday 06 February 2010

I greatly enjoyed the Cypress Texas Stake Women's Conference. Thank you all for sharing your spirit through song and story. This was a indeed very uplifting day.

By Maureen Robb at Friday 06 November 2009

Dear Heartbound Sisters. My heart is still so full from your beautiful music you shared with us at my sister, Rowena's funeral. It meant so much to me, her family, and to everyone who attended, for you to take time out of your busy schedules to come and share your beautiful inspirational music will all of us. I feel such a void in my life to have my beautiful sister gone. But I want to thank you so much for coming down and being with us. Yvette is lucky to have such wonderful friends. I love your music and I listen to it often as it helps me to know that I am truly not alone. I love you. Maureen

By Ramona Brown at Monday 07 September 2009

What an unforgettable experience...Thanks for sharing your testimonies & your Bluebell friends..

By Lisa Bennett at Friday 04 September 2009

I have heard and seen you perform several times. The time I will always remember will be in Grace, Idaho on Valantine's Day this past February (2009). In 1990 my husband proposed on Valantine's Day, so when I heard that Heartbound would be in Grace, I got tickets for my husband and I. We enjoyed visiting with our friends Debbie, Lori, and Me'Chel, and enjoyed the wonderful night of entertainment. Of course, we never "dreamed" that would be the last Valantine's my husband and I would celebrate together on Earth. He died August 17th.
Thanks girls for some wonderful memories and music which is helping me as I grieve for my Eternal Companion. "I'll Be There." has become one of my favorites. Keep in touch and keep singing, and I'll keep listening. Love all three of you!

By Crystal Shawcroft at Saturday 02 May 2009

I just got back from hearing you ladies at Grace, Idaho and I have to tell you that your music and talks really touched my life Thank you for coming to our little town.

By Cherri at Tuesday 28 April 2009

I just had the great opportunity to hear your wonderful testimonies through your song. Thank you again for a most beautiful evening.

Taylors Grove Ward

By James at Sunday 26 April 2009

I have only seen HEARTBOUND online, however one of your trio along with her husband, is on a service mission to our Ward. Elder and Sister Hales spoke in our Sacrament Meeting today and it felt like General Conference! Lori spoke of, among other things, the time HEARTBOUND sang at the Utah State Prison. The spirit bore witness of Sister Hales goodness, and by association the goodness of the entire Trio, to all in attendence. Men sobbed like babies! How blessed we are to have one of yours, Sister Lori Hales, serving in our little inner-city ward. I look forward to aquainting myself with the testimony and talents of HEARTBOUND!

By Michelle Farley at Tuesday 07 April 2009

Kaysville Utah - This last weekend I had the chance to see you perform at Ladies Night and you did such an amazing job. Thank you for sharing with us your music and your love for the gospel.

By Vicky Luper at Thursday 02 April 2009

Buhl, ID - I was just listening to your song "You Make Me More". What a blessing you are to everyone who listens to your music and who are able to go to one of your inspiring firesides. I have only been blessed once as I have only heard you in person when you were in Filer, ID. But the feeling I get listening to your CD's is undeniable. Thank you for sharing your talents and your gifts with all of us. You are truly an inspiration to all who hear your testimonies. God bless you all.

By Carla Leung-Wo at Monday 09 March 2009

Murrieta, CA - I have been fortunate to see you perform 3 times. Twice in Utah and once in Riverside, CA. What an unforgettable experience! Truly inspiring. I have given your CD's to close friends as gifts and they love your music. From California to Florida to New Zealand. What a glorious gift you have been given and what a blessing for us that you found eachother and are able to share your talents with us! Thank you!

By Susanne at Saturday 07 March 2009

West Valley 6th Ward - Ladies, had to take one more opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful program you presented to our stake. So many women were touched by your wonderful message and music. The spirit was so strong and we walked away so uplifted and better for the time we spent with you. Thank you again. I hope you found the 'thank you' letters in your bags it has gas money in it for you as I promised. Thank you again and know that Heavenly Father has to be so happy that you are spreading his word and love to other women in the world. What a great service of love you do. It was an honor to meet you. God Bless you always! xoxoxoxo

By Stephen & Elaine Frazier at Sunday 01 March 2009

Farmington Utah State - WOW!!! I'm so glad I found your CD in one of our rental units I cleaned out. And the phone call to Sister Muskrat. You were unbelievable; far more than I had anticipated. The Spirit was overwhelming. I am realizing the unselfish gift you are sharing and the countless hours you have spent away from your husbands and family. After sharing your program and then the Larry H Miller funeral..I am exhausted from such a Spiritual Day. But what a great way to exhaust myself. Thanks for sharing the Weber Warrior and LDS spirit of Love, Caring and Creating a Better Tomorrow by Lifting the Hearts of others today! Love to you and your families. Hugs to ALL Bro. Frazier

By Michelle Harden at Saturday 28 February 2009

Farmington 14th Ward! - WOW! I'm still on a spiritual high from our Stake RS Enrichment meeting this morning. (Feb.28). Thank You ladies so much for your heartfelt testimonies and your spiritual music. I loved getting to know each of you better. I am a daughter of a staunch Catholic father and an inactive LDS mother and brother-whom I adore more than words-and it was so nice and refreshing to know that some of the trials you ladies have faced, are similar to mine, and that you have come forth out of those trials, declaring through your words and songs, how much the Gospel means in your lives. What a great program and a great DAY! Thank you.

By Christine Stevens at Thursday 19 February 2009

Cedar City Utah, grew up in Castle Dale Utah - I went to our enrichment night in Cedar City on February 18th and heard you wonderful ladies sing to us and give inspiring talks. Your program inspired and uplifted me, the spirit was so strong and it made me love music even more. Thank you for sharing your talents with me. I wanted to hear more and more of your talks and music. I am a huge fan of musicals. I love to see the broad way plays watch the famous movies, my favorite is The Sound of Music. Your music makes me feel so good and happy, just like the musicals do. I hope to hear you again soon. Thank you again and again. I will tell many people about you and how you have uplifted me. Thank you Christine Stevens

By Tracy at Sunday 15 February 2009

Preston Idaho - Went and saw your proformance in Grace last night...Valentines was amazing...something we will never forget. It was our first Valentines Day together and he totally surprised me with your concert. Thank you for sharing your Valentines Day with us in Idaho.....

By Maren Fochs at Thursday 12 February 2009

Maren - I live day to day with your music, it is my worship it is my souls happy place. I love everything you sing. I feel like I am in heaven when I listen to your music.

By Maren Fochs at Thursday 12 February 2009

Maren - I have heard some beautiful songs that would be so much more amazing if you three were to sing them such as I heard him come, by Jeff Goodrich, To be like him by Derena H. Bell & Tami J Creamer and Oh Lord my Redeemer again by Jeff Goodrich. How amazing it would be if Heartbound were to sing these songs and put it on a CD. Will there be anymore CD's come out?? I so hope so.

By candice cuddington at Thursday 05 February 2009

Georgetown, MA - Your music is so uplifting and brings a little bit of heaven here on earth. Thank you for sharing your talents and love of the Gospel with us.

By Robyn Garcia at Monday 02 February 2009

Antioch, California - You are awesome and I love you tons! Thanks for always helping to feel a little closer to heaven & my Savior. See you in August at our annual reunion (Ed Week)!

By Katijo Meyers at Monday 02 February 2009

Cedar City, UT - Debbie, thank you so much for your wonderful music. It lifts me up and makes me have a better day. I love your songs about children. Thank you for helping me remember what it is all about and to keep going with a smile. I love the music videos, they are very touching. sure love ya!

By Rick Bastian at Monday 02 February 2009

Rick Bastian - You three hold a special place in our hearts for "the song" continues to provide healing in our hearts. I just watched your valentine video. I was fine till the pink balloons. Thank you for including Trav & Des.

By Cristi Bodily at Wednesday 28 January 2009

Plain City, Utah - I had the opportunity to hear each of you this past weekend. What a wonderful experience! Your beautiful songs and thoughts lifted my spirit, as well as reminded me of who I am. I loved your comments about "the trouble tree"- leaving your troubles outside on the tree, as well as the comment about wondering why I have such tough children to raise,while is appears that anothers' children seem perfect. Well, I am now flattered to know that God feels I am capable to raise four choice children! Your comments were such a great source of stregnth to me. Thank you! I know that many hearts will continue to be touched, lightened and lifted as you continue to share your beautiful spirits with others.

By Heartbound at Monday 26 January 2009

Jill Loftus - I have seen your program several times. I always come away with a feeling of peace, joy and spirtual growth. I have your music on my Ipod so I can listen to your music where ever I may be. Thank You!! for sharing your talent with so many. May you and your familys be blessed always.

By Stephanie Horan at Saturday 23 August 2008

Idaho Falls ID - I really liked some of the music that i listened to, it was very refreshing.

By michelle at Sunday 10 August 2008

Kim Woods - your music has really spoke to me and michelle you have helped our family so much my husband dying you were always there and you cds always gave me the lift i needed now living in texas i will always remember you and the message you give to others thank you!!!

By Questie Reams at Monday 09 June 2008

Elkins, West Virginia - We love your music. Our youth are learning your song "Our Prophet Leads the Way." What a beautiful song about our beloved Prophet. Every time we sing it the spirit bears witness to our hearts that "Yes! We do have a prophet that leads and guides us." Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into creating this wonderful music.

By Joan Hoffmann at Wednesday 28 May 2008

Washington - This August will be my 4th year attending Church Education Week. I am so hoping you three will be there singing. I have bought pretty much all of your CD and i gave several of the Christmas Tape to my daughters and friends. You are so wonderful! I have laught with you and cried with yu many times. I listen to your tapes over and over constantly. You have helped me through some hard things this past year. I want to Thank you so much for being apart of my life. Every time i go to the Church's Book store i look to see if any new CD's are there. I will continue to listen to them and share them with others. 206 947 7644 6508 E Crestview Loop SE Snoqualim Wa 98065 Thank you so very much!!

By Heartbound at Tuesday 13 May 2008

Becky Kendall - You ladies are awesome! I've heard you on three different occassions and I could listen to you for a hundred years! Bless you for the time and talent you share with others that need it so badly!

By Vicky Luper at Wednesday 30 April 2008

Buhl, ID - Thank you so much for coming to the Filer Idaho Stake Center and sharing your gifts and talents with us. I have enjoyed listening to "Our Prophet Leads The Way" on your web sight. God bless you all.

By Christy Goodman at Wednesday 30 April 2008

Filer, ID - Thank You so much for coming to Filer this past weekend. The music was wonderful and the stories shared were heartfelt. I recieved the copy of your new CD and love it dearly. Thank You again.