“The program was fabulous and you were the best ever”

            --Franklin Covey

 “Engaging Heartbound as the keynote speaker for our convention was perfect. Our employees were pumped, inspired, and delighted. Focusing on self-improvement and family values, these ladies were sensational. Giving their CD to each employee solidified the experience.  Heartbound was enchanting. Our employees were thrilled, and I am a hero”

            -Steve Story-  Co-Founder-Tahitian Noni International

“You are so inspiring and there wasn’t a dry eye left by the time you finished.  We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful presentation.”

            --American Mothers Inc.

“Your music fits very well with the work that my wife and I are doing here in Sweden. We have listened to your music as we work here in the office.  Your music will be played many times here in Sweden and I will enjoy it each time.”

--Sweden Stockholm

“My bucket was filled at your presentation and especially attending your classes.  We have been in China for one month now, and I am playing your music.  I am teaching 2 professional classes...doctors, scientists, teachers, engineers, etc.  Your songs will definitely be a good thing to help them with their English.  Keep up the great work. Thank you.”

            --China, English Teacher 

“You ladies have lifted my spirit.  You have been an inspiration and indeed touched my heart.  I commend you for the sunshine you spread as you face your own trials and heartache.”


“I received your latest recording "Chasing Dreams" yesterday from CD Baby. I love it! It's an excellent album, and I really admire your original songs. Keep up the good work. God Bless!”

--Gold Coast City QLD Australia

“You are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.  You are fun, talented, kind, and generous. Keep doing what you are doing, you are changing lives!!!” 

            --Henderson, Nevada

 “Thank you for the beautiful gift of your music which has played such a big part in healing my heart since my husband’s tragic death.  I thank God for giving you those talents that have blessed me and many others.”